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Attention California Companies. Be sure to read about our Special Offer for CA Companies ONLY.

Towing companies come in different sizes. So does DATOW Software. We have the Right Sized program for you, no matter how big you are.

The SU-Series is just right for the smaller operation. It is a Single User version of our programs. It is low in cost and big on features. Tried and true, it may be just right for you.

The PROfessional Edition is designed for the larger towing company. Its' advanced capabilities are a benefit to large companies where multiple release windows are required.

Single User Prices-DOS Version:      Call for pricing on our new windows-based programs 1-800-866-8086

Each program (Lot Control, Truck & Driver, and Accounts Receivable) is $995.00 plus shipping and sales tax (CA only). This price includes installation diskettes, printed manuals and up to one hour of telephone support per program to help you get up and running. Additional training is avaiable on an "as-you-need-it" basis at the rate of $15.00 for 10 minutes. Telephone support, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

We also offer payment terms and a Rent-to-Own plan. These are explained in greater detail a little further down this page. Please keep reading to find out more about the best deal offered by any software company.

PROfessional Edition Prices-DOS Version:  Call for pricing on our new windows-based programs 1-800-866-8086

Each program (Lot Control, Truck & Driver, and Accounts Receivable) is $2195.00 plus shipping and sales tax (CA only). This price includes installation diskettes, pre-printed manuals and up to six hours of telephone or on-site support per program to help you get up and running. Travel expenses for on-site installation outside the Los Angeles area are extra. There is a "per seat" fee of $220.00 per program for each user after the first.

Each program is available without the 6 hours of training and/or support at a reduced price of $1695.00. We also offer payment terms and a Rent-to-Own plan.


PROfessional Editon programs are updated at NO CHARGE for one year. Pro Edition programs are supported under a software maintenance agreement for $330.00 per program per year plus $35 per program per year for each additional user. This price includes unlimited telephone support and unlimited updates.

SU Series program updates are $125.00 per program per update. There is a small disk fee and shipping fee which does not apply to internet updates.


If you purchase the SU Series programs and find that you need the capabilities of the PROfessional Editon programs you can upgrade and only pay the difference in the prices. That is, 100% of your original purchase price is credited towards the upgrade. All data files are compatible. This makes the upgrade as easy as pie and easy on your checkbook!


In our many discussions with owners and managers of towing companies all around the USA, we have listened to what they have told us and we have learned some of their concerns. Do these sound familiar?

CONFUSED by all the different choices you have. The trade papers have ads for many programs, all claiming to be easy to use and the best available.

PRESSURED to make a decision about which computer program to use for your business. Each day you delay means more paperwork.

WORRIED that the wrong choice could cost you thousands of dollars. Cash is a little tight, but leases are too restrictive. Other bills are due, too.

AFRAID of computers. Yet you know that, when done right, computers can really be great. The whole world is using them, so why aren't you?

DATOW Software offers what just might be the answer to ALL these concerns. We want to help you to get up and running fast, with as small a financial commitment as possible. And, unlike other companies, we are willing to "Put our money where our mouth is".

RENT-TO-OWN!   Call for pricing on rent-to-own windows-based programs

Why commit cash resources or agonize over which towing program you should buy? Our rental plan minimizes your cash investment and gives you peace of mind. Don't delay another day. This is NOT a lease! You must be SATISFIED and we are CONFIDENT you will be. Here's how it works:

For a small $125.00 setup fee and just $30.00 for the first months rental, we send you everything you need to get up and running. At the end of the first month, you can stop using the software if you are not satisfied. Or you can rent it for another month. In fact, you can rent these programs for as long as you wish. Some of our customers have been renting for years.

If at any time during the first 90 days, you tell us, as so many others have, that you want to purchase the programs, we apply 100% of what you have paid towards the purchase price. You just pay the difference!

Here is an example:

You rent 3 programs. The setup fee is $125.00 times 3 for $375.00, and the rental fee for the first month is $30.00 times 3 for $90.00 for a total startup of $465.00 (plus tax and shipping). You then rent it for another 2 months for $90.00 per month. You call and tell us you want to buy the programs. We apply $645.00 towards the purchase.

We then subtract from the purchase price of $2685 the amount you have paid of $645 and you just pay the balance of $2040.00. And if you need to pay this over two or three months, we can do that for you too!


We sometimes talk to companies that have purchased some other software program. For many reasons, they are not satisfied with that program. If this is your situation, let us know. We can often work out a trade-in deal, so that you can start using DATOW Software at a reduced price. Call us for details about this policy.


We understand that many times it is not possible to simply cut a check for the entire purchase price of our programs. This is especially true of the PROfessional Editon programs, where the price could be several thousand dollars. Besides, you may have other expenses. You may need to purchase the computer, printer and other items.

So we are pleased to offer 0% financing. We usually require about 15% down, with the balance paid in 10 equal payments over the next 10 months. Of course, you must be satisfied with our programs and our services and support. If you are not satisfied, and we are unable to correct the situation, you are under no obligation to continue the payments.

You see, our goal is NOT to simply make a sale. Our goal is to develop long term, satisfied customers. Your good words to others is our best sales tool. We look forward to years of working together, so we are able to design custom payment plans that makes it easy for you to own.

So if you thought you couldn't afford to own the Best, think again.

DATOW Software has been in use since 1980. It is fully supported, updated and tested.

If you need special financing terms, please let us know.

We will work with you. We want to make it easy for you to use and to own DATOW Software.

There is an Order Form on this web site. Click HERE to go to the PDF version of that form. If you have the Adobe Reader, you can simply print it and mail it with your check. If you do NOT have the Adobe Acrobat Reader, get it! It is probably the single most useful plug-in available. Most companies and even the government (DMV, IRS, USPS) use it as a way to distribute documents.Our address is on the Order Form. You can also fax that form, and we will get the ball rolling, so that when we receive your check, we can get your package out to you ASAP. There is usually about a 5 to 7 day order processing time, but we can rush it if you need it sooner.

Special for California Companies

We want you to see how easy to use and how powerful our programs are, so if you are interested in doing your own lien sales, we have a deal for you. We will provide you with our Califorina Lien Sale Processing program (SU Series) for FREE! Contact DATOW Software for details. Some conditions apply. Call today to see if you qualify. If you are a PROfessional Edition user, we have a special deal for you, too.

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