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Get paid for the work you do.

You take a call. You dispatch a driver. You tow the vehicle. You store the vehicle. You notify everyone. You pay to lien the vehicle. You conduct the lien sale. You print and/or fill out all the paperwork. And you are lucky if you get enough to pay your driver!

Enough is Enough. Isn't it time to make the Registered Owner(s) responsible?

California law says they are. Why are you letting these irresponsible people get away with abandoning their vehicles on your property?


DATOW Software is pleased to announce a new partnership with the Rickenbacker Group. With over 20 years in the business, the Rickenbacker Group Collectors has joined DATOW in further serving you, the towing industry with total solutions & automation.

Here is how it works: An abandoned vehicle is towed to your impound yard. There it sits for 34+ days with its’ tow bill charge and daily storage accumulating. Finally, you sell it at your lien sale auction for $100 to a salvage yard for pennies on the dollar. $150 Towing + $1380 Storage + $70 L/S fees - $100 Sale at Auction = $1500 deficiency. Once or twice a week, depending on your lien sale volume, you run a special report from DATOW, listing all vehicles sold with any deficiency. The report lists the vehicles and shows all financial detail arriving at each deficiency. Simultaneously, a file is created with the necessary info for each vehicle in the report. This file can be edited with a common text editor (we can show you how) in order to enhance the clarity of the intended submission to Rickenbacker. The file is then electronically, transmitted via your email on the Internet to Rickenbacker. It is that easy.


Call today or Click the link below and START GETTING PAID FOR THE WORK YOU DO!






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