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Contacting DATOW Software

You have several ways to get in touch with us:

Call us at our toll free ORDER number: 1-800-866-8086

Call us at our TECH SUPPORT/ORDER number: 1-562-377-5814 ONLY BETWEEN 8AM - 5PM Pacific Standard/Daylight Savings Time, and on WEEK DAYS only. CUSTOMER EMERGENCY SUPPORT ONLY is 24/7.

NOTE: If you get a busy signal or no answer when you call one of our voice numbers, please try again in about 10 minutes. It is very rare that you will get our voice mail. If so, leave a message and we will get back to you ASAP, unless you are trying to make reservations at the Millennium Hotel!

Send us a fax at: 1-562-377-5824

Send E-mail to DATOW Software

Send instant e-mail to our cell phone. Use for emergency only and only if you have been unable to reach us via voice telephone. Be sure to include your call back telephone number. And keep your message short.

DATOW Software - Since 1980
Long Beach, California

We are always working on new and better ways to improve our service. Check back at this page to see additional options in the near future.

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